Velocity Elektra Paraglider Now EN-B CERTIFIED!

We are excited to announce that the 26m Velocity Elektra Paraglider has been officially certified as an EN-B class glider! The “EN Paraglider Standards” were formulated by industry experts from several countries in Europe. Their goal was to create four-levels of glider certifications which reflect the overall stability and safety of Paragliders. Thorough testing is performed to determine if a glider meets specific standards for these classes.

This includes everything from stability in various extreme conditions, takeoff & landing characteristics, load testing, responsiveness, resistance to collapsing or stalling, and so much more. After weeks of anxiously awaiting the results, we were informed that the glider not only “passed” the certification standards, but did so with “flying colors.” EN-B certified Paragliders provide a great “passive safety level and forgiving flying characteristics.” This means that all pilots, of all skill levels, can enjoy flying the Velocity Elektra Paraglider with confidence. 

Where Are Velocity Paragliders Made & What Materials Are Used?

Velocity Paragliders are manufactured in Korea to exacting standards. Each glider is sewn to perfection, by industry professionals with decades of experience. The Velocity Elektra is carefully constructed from the finest, most durable, and most modern materials available. Dominico 2RS is utilized, providing excellent UV protection and unmatched strength. Delron Battens in the leading & trailing edges add to the rigidity of the glider. All Stainless Steel ball-bearing pulleys are made by Harken for flawless performance.

Vibrant colors enhance pilot visibility, and if stored correctly, will remain brilliant throughout the lifespan of the glider. The Velocity Elektra integrates many features to help make it “beginner-friendly.” Swivels on the brake toggles help prevent tangling. Centering graphics are easy to spot and aid in achieving that perfect launch. Rare earth magnets are sewn into the A-risers for easy brake-attachment, and help prevent the collection of debris. Risers are clearly marked, and the Elektra features split A’s for executing “big ears.” Inflation is fast & easy, and landings are extremely gentle. 

Boasting an incredible 9.4:1 glide ratio, the Velocity Elektra is the most efficient glider in the sport. If you are looking for an affordable, performance-packed, EN-B Certified Paraglider, you won’t find anything better.

Velocity’s Elektra Paraglider “Makes Flying Exciting, All Over Again.”

The Velocity Elektra Paraglider made its debut in 2013 at a large Powered Paragliding gathering in Southern California. Since then, the Elektra has gained international recognition as “One of the most versitile, efficient, and affordable gliders in the world.” Pilots of all skill-levels were lining up to test-fly Velocity’s new “crossover creation.” In addition to being one of the most responsive Powered Paragliding Wings in the industry, the Elektra functions as a World-Class Free-Flight glider as well.

Velocity’s Team Pilot Christoph Beucker stated “I’m a huge fan of XC (cross-country) flight… The Elektra is so efficient, it’s easy to forget I have a motor on my back.” BlackHawk’s Head Flight Instructor Joe Cruz commented that “The Elektra allows our more athletic students to progress faster towards an intermediate-level of training… As a student’s skill-level progresses, it won’t be a glider they will feel like they’ve grown out of.”

From a Pilot’s View…

The Elektra is dubbed “beginner friendly,” but it  doesn’t just capture the attention of beginner pilots. Steve Johnson, a Velocity Elektra owner commented:

“I’m a US native living in Nepal. I’ve been Paragliding for over a decade and fly all over the world. My friends call me a “glider connoisseur” due to my discriminating taste for the best. I normally stick with C-Class Paragliders, but I had the opportunity to fly an Elektra while in South America. Upon my next visit to the States, I purchased one. In Nepal, we obviously fly in the mountains, and at times, the winds can be very unpredictable. The Elektra however IS predictable. I find myself flying it more and more – especially in places where I haven’t flown before. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future, I fly the Elektra exclusively.”

Steve Johnson – US Native Living in Nepal

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