BlackHawk Paramotor Rhino Cage Frame For Powered Paragliding

The Strongest Paramotor Frame Available:

BlackHawk Paramotor Rhino Cage Frame For Powered Paragliding


  • Toughest Paramotor Cage in the world!
  • Highest-quality, super-strong construction
  • Double-reinforced hoop for unmatched strength
  • Can be easily broken down for transport
  • Easily assembles in minutes
  • Used by schools and beginner pilots globally
  • CNC’d ultra-strong Cage connectors
  • Packed with safety features
  • Available with almost all BlackHawk Paramotors

BlackHawk Paramotor Testimonials


BlackHawk Paramotor Testimonials

“My students can be really hard on the training equipment. We’ve used BlackHawk Rhino cages for years now because they last longer than anything else we’ve tried. These are extremely tough cages and worthy of their name!”

Christopher J., Explore Florida PPG

“I went through a couple of cages learning to fly. It started to get expensive so I switched to a BlackHawk Rhino Paramotor Cage. Years later, I’m still flying the same cage. These babies are seriously built to last!”

Chad R., Customer - LA

BlackHawk Rhino PRICING & DETAILS:

BlackHawk Paramotor Rhino Cage For Powered Paragliding

Standard Rhino Cage (with motor purchase) +$150

Rhino XXLT Cage (with motor purchase)  +$300

Standard Rhino (without motor purchase) $1995

Rhino XXLT (without motor purchase) $2300

XL Harness Upgrade (for bigger pilots) +$50

XL J-Bars Upgrade (for bigger pilots) +$50

NOTE:  If you already own a BlackHawk Cage and need replacement parts, call us directly for pricing.


Blackhawk Paramotor Rhino Frame Cage For Powered Paragliding