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Office & Company Info:

California Headquarters:
Main Office:  (833) PPG-FLYR (774-3597)
Call or Text: (209) 481-0493
Skype:  BlackHawkParamotor

Headquarters Address:
8591 Hogan Dam Road
Valley Springs, CA 95252

Sales, Scheduling,
& Shipping:
Cell Phone:  (209) 481-0493

Shop / Maintenance:

Mike Gambrill (Shop Director)
Office Line:  (833) PPG-FLYR (774-3597)
Cell Phone: (541) 999-1396
Mike Robinson (CEO)
Cell Phone: (209) 481-0493

NOTE: Our Sales & Shop staff are available by phone during normal business hours:

(Mon-Fri: 8am – 6pm Pacific Time)

(Saturday: 8am – 4pm Pacific Time)


IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING MAINTENANCE CALLS: BlackHawk’s Team of experts are always here to help you! We do not charge for our expert advice if you have purchased a Paramotor within 6 months – OR if it’s been pre-approved as a warranty issue. If you purchased used gear or it’s been longer than 6 months since your purchase, there will be a labor rate charge of $85/hr and a 15 minute minimum for maintenance-related calls. Please contact us if you have any questions.


We are happy to store your equipment during maintenance procedures at our California Shop. Customers are responsible for picking up their Paramotor (or arranging shipment) within 30 days of work being completed. Unless other prior arrangements are made, BlackHawk may charge a $15/day storage fee. These fees, if assessed, must be paid in full in order to release the equipment. If you have any questions, we’re here to help!


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Disclaimer & Warning About Paramotoring, Paramotor Equipment, and Training:

Powered Paragliding, as with any form of flight, carries potential risks including personal injury, property damage, or death. This sport can be as safe or as dangerous as you choose to make it. All Equipment is not intended for acrobatic or competitive use, in any way, shape or form. Do not purchase equipment or participate in this sport unless you are prepared to personally assume ALL risks. We require you receive professional training from a QUALIFIED INSTRUCTOR before you attempt to assemble, start, use or fly your Paramotor / Powered Paragliding equipment. Self-training greatly increases your chances of equipment and physical damage or death. Beware of purchasing used equipment, Do it Yourself kits, PPG Plans, or anything for sale on online auction sites at under market prices. ALL participation in this sport is at your own risk.