It’s important to pay attention to what BLACKHAWK OWNERS have to say in this sport. These are the people who fly our equipment every day. They aren’t trying to sell you something. They just want to share how excited they are about this life-changing sport. After 2 decades of helping customers realize their dream of personal flight, we’ve collected quite the number of testimonials. Here are a few of them. If you’d like to add your testimonial to our website, please email

Mike Robinson, CEO - BlackHawk Paramotors USA



Hey Mike and Team,

Below is a little blurb for the Verve:

“The Verve is a very unique glider. I bought a 34 meter to be used as a high wind glider for my tandem paragliding business. It is the fastest tandem glider I’ve ever flown. Despite its speed, it’s easy to slow down for tight, technical landings. Lastly, the brake pressure is exactly what I want in a tandem glider. It’s incredibly light for standard turns and gets firmer when doing more aggressive maneuvers.”

Some off the record thoughts:

I can see how this glider would be awesome for tandem PPG flights. It comes up really quick. For strong wind tandem, free-flight, it comes up too fast, but I expected that might be the case. I remedy that by clearing the lines, then launching it from a semi-rosette or pulling it in evenly by the trailing edge. I can’t wait to fly it with wheels. I think it’ll really shine under power.

I love the weight of the glider (hardly anything), I love the speed of it (fastest tandem on the coast), and I love the way it turns. I do wish it had a bit more feedback in the brakes, but under power, this is not as important. I think the lack of feedback is a trade-off for the speed due to the reflex profile.

I’ve been thinking about getting some kind of trike or quad that I keep here in Thailand. This is the glider that I’d fly with it! At this point, it’s still a thought as I explore the PPG scene here in Thailand.

Hope all is well on the ranch,
Mark Zinkel
Live from a random cafe in Southern Thailand

Mark Zinkel, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


Hello, my name is Curtis Hardie. I retired from the United States Air Force in 2018 after 26 years of service. My entire career was spent as an aircraft maintainer. My last tour of duty was 4 years in Italy where I spent my off time learning and enjoying the sport of paragliding. When I returned to the states, I wanted to continue this wonderful sport but had no mountains nearby to fly from. In the Air Force, it was my job to pair our aircraft components with the highest quality at the most reasonable price. I have inspected, removed, and installed some of the highest quality parts and components the world’s aviation industry has to offer. So I did my due diligence trying to find the right paramotor package. When I came across Blackhawk and realized the Black Devil 172 was made in Italy by Corsair, I immediately trusted the safety and quality of the engine; having flown with the Italian
paragliding community, I knew they always put safety first!

After speaking with Mike Robinson and his staff at Blackhawk, I felt reassured that they cared deeply about safety and quality factors. Not only did I get exceptional quality at the best price, but this patriotic company insisted I receive a military discount. I ordered and received my paramotor package quickly and Mike and his staff always answered the phone calls and emails when I had questions. Mike also directed me to a trusted source to ensure I received the proper training as I transitioned to powered paragliding.

I am so very pleased with my purchase and love flying Blackhawk products. A company that produces high quality at the best price will always let their great products speak for itself. I found that in Blackhawk!

Most patriotic and customer oriented company I found!

Curtis J. Hardie

F‐15 Technical Data Engineer
Ascension Global Solutions

Curtis J. Hardie, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I decided that I was going to realize my dream of flight as my 2020 New Year’s resolution. I’m kicking myself for not doing this sooner. It’s been transformative. Literally life-changing. I haven’t looked forward to the weekends this much since I was in school. My problems disappear the moment my feet leave the ground. I can’t thank BlackHawk Paramotors USA enough for changing my life like this. The world would be a better place if more people flew. My Paramotor fits in the back of my car and goes everywhere with me. Best customer service ever!

Sokhy Kak, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I flew everything else BEFORE trying the BlackHawk, now I am a dedicated BH user. No-one else has done so much to help people get into this sport but now, it’s not just for beginners! The Talon v3 is second to none and if you want to learn or tear it up as an experienced pilot, you can’t go wrong with the Core! You should schedule a flight with a local dealer or come to a fly-in and try it out. Remember, the paramotor is simply weight and thrust and your concern should be support, parts and customer service. So, the next time someone tells you why their paramotor is $2000 more, ask why…. As a dealer it represents the tightest margin of all manufacturers but is a product that will be flying years from now.

Empire PPG, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


The instruction exceeded my expectations and I LOVED the Talon 190 & Core Wing. I also love how fast you guys respond. Thank you so much. I can’t say enough good things about Mike and his school. I look forward to flying.

Frank Mount, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I own the Blackhawk Intruder 250 quad (4 stroke). I friggin LOVE it!!! I have been flying since 2017 with no problems. I also received training at Blackhawk with Joe Cruze and got my level 2 cert. Also, the folks at Blackhawk have been great to work with from the front office (Heidi) To the guys in the shop and on the field. I am now saving up to buy my second BH unit so I can foot launch. My opinion: great people, great product!

Jason Rooks, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


Best videos and Paramotor advice out there. I love how the people at BlackHawk try to help ALL Paramotorists… Not just the ones who buy BlackHawks. I noticed this in several of your videos. It indicates a genuine caring for the sport and for the people involved in the sport… Not just an interest in selling products.

Rick R., BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I wanted to thank all of you at the BlackHawk Ranch who helped my Wife and I get into the Air this summer with the Intruder 250…what a great machine! It has been a long journey and after training with Joe in July we feel very comfortable and safe flying the quad. We feel like we really made an excellent decision when we chose this team to make this a reality. So thanks to all of you at the Ranch (Joe, MikeR, Heidi, MikeB, Chuck, Austin, Giovanna). Hope to see you all at the next fly-in!

John & Laurie Ballard, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


As a follow up: FIRST SOLO: 10/26/18 at BlackHawk Paramotors in Valley Springs CA. I’m 64 yrs old with hip issues so I flew a 220 quad instead. My only question is WHY did I wait so long? Do this before it is too late. BlackHawk in the Sierra Foothills is THE place! Thanks to the crew that made this possible. And Blue Skies!

Wayne Everett, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


This Kestrel V3 has a very unique look to it. It appears very sturdy but yet is very elegant and sleek. I ordered mine based on your recommendation, a few 2D photos and a technical understanding of the extrusion. I never saw the V3 as a whole until now. I am overwhelmed. It is also a piece of art, form following function. Cannot wait for mine to arrive.

John Horany, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


Next time someone says “BlackHawk is junk” have them give a reason and some background of why it happened. I’m an Airframe and Powerplant mechanic I have worked on helicopters and now on B747 and B767 and i can say that when something breaks its usually due to user error or someone carrying out maintenance incorrectly. I just purchased a BlackHawk today and I am confident that if the maintenance is done correctly it will outlast all the Paramotors that belong to these idiots on Facebook and YouTube.

Daniel Roycr