It’s important to pay attention to what BLACKHAWK OWNERS have to say in this sport. These are the people who fly our equipment every day. They aren’t trying to sell you something. They just want to share how excited they are about this life-changing sport. After 2 decades of helping customers realize their dream of personal flight, we’ve collected quite the number of testimonials. Here are a few of them. If you’d like to add your testimonial to our website, please email

Mike Robinson, CEO - BlackHawk Paramotors USA



I decided that I was going to realize my dream of flight as my 2020 New Year’s resolution. I’m kicking myself for not doing this sooner. It’s been transformative. Literally life-changing. I haven’t looked forward to the weekends this much since I was in school. My problems disappear the moment my feet leave the ground. I can’t thank BlackHawk Paramotors USA enough for changing my life like this. The world would be a better place if more people flew. My Paramotor fits in the back of my car and goes everywhere with me. Best customer service ever!

Sokhy Kak, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer


I flew everything else BEFORE trying the BlackHawk, now I am a dedicated BH user. No-one else has done so much to help people get into this sport but now, it’s not just for beginners! The Talon v3 is second to none and if you want to learn or tear it up as an experienced pilot, you can’t go wrong with the Core! You should schedule a flight with a local dealer or come to a fly-in and try it out. Remember, the paramotor is simply weight and thrust and your concern should be support, parts and customer service. So, the next time someone tells you why their paramotor is $2000 more, ask why…. As a dealer it represents the tightest margin of all manufacturers but is a product that will be flying years from now.

Empire PPG, BlackHawk Paramotor Customer