BlackHawk Paramotor Kestrel V3 Cage / Frame

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BlackHawk KESTREL Assembly Video Series: covers how to properly assemble a Kestrel Paramotor Frame. This video will be extremely helpful to those who have purchased a Kestrel Pro (Weight Shift) or Kestrel Standard (High Hang-Point) Paramotor Frame. Safety is paramount to us and improper assembly of your unit may result in personal injury or damage to your equipment.

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BlackHawk Kestrel ASSEMBLY VIDEOS:

PART 1: This is the FIRST video in a 3-part series which shows you how to properly assemble your BlackHawk Kestrel Paramotor Frame. This first video covers how to put together the main frame, rods, and netting. There are (2) different Kestrel Paramotor Frames – The High Hang-Point Kestrel and a Kestrel with Weight-Shift. Depending on which one you ordered, there will be embedded links towards the end of this first vi