America’s #1 Selling Brand of Powered Paragliding Equipment

“Quality & Performance – Without The Hype”

Why pay more for a Paramotor when you can buy direct from the Manufacturer and save! BlackHawk Paramotors USA has always been hands-on when it comes to sales and service… We allow our customers to buy directly from our Headquarters in Valley Springs California.


Imagine the most exhilarating and accessible form of flight for about the cost of a dirt bike. Your very own personal aircraft that can be stored in your car and assembled for flight in minutes. You can launch from almost anywhere, and once airborne, enjoy the thrill of open flight. Paramotors cost less then $5 per hour to run, they’re lightweight, easier to transport than a mountain bike and provide much more fun. Ownership is easy with NO LICENSE REQUIRED! Learning to fly a Paramotor is quick, safe, inexpensive and truly life-changing.

The BlackHawk Powered Paragliding Training course is the most complete in the industry. After over 10 years experience, and hundreds of students later, we KNOW how to teach each individual in a safe and efficient way. We have 90% of our students comfortable and confident flying in just 3 to 5 days (wheeled flight). With National Training Centers & Authorized Dealers in nearly every State, your Paramotor training adventure could start now! Visit our training page to learn more. Mike Robinson is USPPA certified in both foot launch and wheel launch. (Instructor #2301)

BlackHawk Paramotors USA’s mission is to produce the safest, most powerful, and most reliable Powered Paragliding Equipment in the world. We are dedicated to providing the most inclusive and affordable Paramotor Package Deals in the industry. Our customer service before and after the sale is second to none. See for yourself! Give us a call to see the BlackHawk difference for yourself! (209) 786-7899.

Our philosophy is that EVERYONE should be able to fly, regardless of age, gender, physical limitations, or income. Our Team of experts work hard to make this sport accessible to all. In addition to offering FREE modifications for those with physical disabilities, BlackHawk offers discounts to Military personnel, Police or rescue workers, anyone battling cancer, families who want to fly together, and more. We’ve also taken many steps to become an “eco-friendly” company. We are in the business of changing lives, and we take business very seriously!

We promise to provide our customers with the most modern, most affordable, and safest Paramotor equipment available. We promise to build each Paramotor to exacting standards and back each one with a 2 year warranty. We promise to put the customer’s needs first and provide the best customer service we possibly can.

Did you know that BlackHawk produces more new products than any other Manufacturer? We don’t spend time putting fancy new stickers on old equipment. We take full advantage of new technologies and incorporate them into our Paramotors. Enjoy “Quality & Performance… Without The Hype.” That’s BlackHawk.

Why Choose a USPPA CERTIFIED Flight School?

  • USPPA Schools follow a strict and progressive syllabus, developed over years by the world’s TOP Paramotor Instructors.

  • The USPPA is a non-profit organization that unites Pilots & Instructors. Critical information about SAFETY, technology, and regulations is shared freely.

  • With access to exclusive content & resources, membership to the USPPA is an “invaluable must” for Pilots who want to enjoy this sport to it’s fullest potential.

  • The USPPA implements a multi-level Pilot Rating or “Certification System.” This encourages nonstop learning and the continued development of a Pilot’s skills.

  • The USPPA is the only globally-recognized Powered Paragliding Association and BlackHawk Paramotors USA has been a Certified School since the organization’s inception.

THOUSANDS of Pilots Choose BlackHawk. Here’s What Some Have to Say:

“BlackHawk is the LARGEST Manufacturer of Powered Paragliding Equipment – Outselling Our Competitors Over 10 to 1”

My name is Chad Blanchard (nick named the Thermonator) I purchased my Blackhawk 125 lite and Velocity Core glider package about 3yrs ago. It Seems like yesterday. I never dreamed I’d be running into the open skys but I finally accomplished my dream. I bought my unit knowing that I’d have great customer support one on one conversations with Mike Robinson himself which means the world when it comes to support. Mike and his Team has always been there for me when a question would arise. I had a great time at training and over 150+ flights now with not one issue. My unit is still strong and flawless and I’m still happy. Look forward to purchasing a quad one day just for change up here and there. I also plan on taking my vacation this year just to go hang at the Ranch! Keep up the awesome work and the flow of great products! Heres to you Team Blackhawk!! Cheers 2020!

Chad blanchard

Thanks to Blackhawk paramotor I have fulfilled my dream of flying I am very happy with my purchase and the coustumer service is outstanding, blackhawk has a jam up team and are always willing to help figure out any issues( even spent over 30 min on the phone with Mike while he was at a fly in to help me get back in the air ) I will purchase more gear and hope to purchase a second paramotor this summer from blackhawk the frame, motor, and harness fits like a glove with 0 complaints I would recommend blackhawk to anyone!!

Cody Lever

Hi my name is Cary. I have a Black Hawk customer going on two years. I live in the same town as Black Hawk. Bought equipment