Meet The Women of Powered Paragliding!


Meet Heidi Lee of BlackHawk Paramotors USA – also known as “Flyin’ Heidi!” If she isn’t managing the company or working with students, you’ll find her on the flight field! With nearly a decade in the sport now, Heidi has made a name for herself as one of the most experienced female pilots. She has traveled the world with our Team, representing the sport and encouraging more women to realize their dream of flight!

Powered Paragliding was a “male-dominated” sport – especially when it first started. The equipment was really heavy and the gliders were a LOT more difficult to handle. With companies like BlackHawk pioneering new technology, the equipment has gotten lighter, much more powerful,, and most importantly – SAFER. Husbands and Wives are flying together. Mothers and Daughters are going on adventures together. We’ve even trained a number of paraplegic Pilots who thought they’d never be able to fly. This life-changing sport is now accessible to anyone with a dream.

With no Pilot’s License and the capability to launch just about anywhere, Powered Paragliding has become the fastest-growing form of personal flight in the world. You can fit a BlackHawk Paramotor into the trunk of most vehicles so it’s ready for adventure when you are! If you see a place you want to explore, you can go from trunk-to-sky in just a few minutes.

If you would like to talk to Heidi Lee personally about this sport, she’s available right now to answer your questions… Or if you’d like to go flying with her, she will never say no!

A warm welcome to the sport of PPG. If you have any questions or would like to see a Paramotor in person, give us a call. With the largest School & Dealer network in the world,, we’ve probably got a location near you.

-Team BlackHawk


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