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BlackHawk Working to Bring PPG to Asia!

Over the past few years, BlackHawk Paramotors USA has been working hard with the Chinese Government to bring civil aviation / sport aviation to China! This could be a huge opportunity for the entire sport as a whole and allow thousands of additional people to realize their dream of becoming a Pilot! Up until recently, many different popular types of sport aircraft (including Powered Paragliders) weren’t available to the general public in China. After several trips to China and a very successful International Sports Aviation Industry Forum at EAA 2018, the project is moving forward! Over 250 flight clubs & flight centers have been given the green light to start operating in China.

The Chinese Government has taken great interest in BlackHawk’s products for two primary reasons: (1) They “want the reputation of quality associated with products MADE IN THE USA,” and (2) they want to work with an established company who has the best track-record of success, growth, and experience in this Industry.

FROM THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE:  “The theme of this forum is “Airworthiness Management of Experimental Aircraft” and “Operation Management of Aviation Sports Industry”. The forum focused on these two major themes, the first to speak was Secretary Ren Hongguo. Secretary first thanked the organizing committee for the invitation and fully affirmed the China-US aviation industry leaders to jointly exchange the development concepts and ideas of the China-US aviation movement. Secretary Li said that the Aero Sports Federation of China has been committed to promoting the development of China’s aviation sports industry and is committed to promoting exchanges and cooperation between aviation sports countries.”

“In 2017, China Aviation Association held the first World Flying Conference in Wuhan. WFE has created a number of firsts in terms of size, flight volume, and participation. Chairman Dan Johnson has high hopes for the development of China’s general aviation and aviation movements. Dan Johnson pointed out that “the cultivation of China’s aviation market should start with aviation education and training.” He raised a challenge to China’s aviation market. “I hope China can train 1 million pilots in the next five years”. Director Xu Chaoqun and Director Chen Hao introduced the procedure of China’s airworthiness certification to the guests in the fluent English and answered the questions about the opening of the US airspace to the Chinese airspace. The forum had frequent interactions and a warm atmosphere. It also involved many sensitive topics in the development of the general aviation and aviation sports industry in China and the United States. The chairman of the conference, Li Shudong pointed out that “this forum provides a rare opportunity for the leaders of the general aviation and aerospace industry in China and the United States to gather together for face-to-face exchanges. Through this forum, the international aviation sports companies will further understand the relevant policies and management measures of China’s general aviation and aviation movements, strengthen the confidence in the development of China’s general aviation and aviation sports industry, and understand the steps and paths to enter the Chinese market.”

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