Rise & Shine… It’s Time to Fly PPG!


Paramotor Training is where the whole adventure begins. Our students put in some serious hours each day to ensure they maximize their time with our Instructors. This isn’t just “a few hours a day.” This is a complete and comprehensive Training Program where every hour counts. We want to make sure that when a student leaves our supervision, they have all the skills to fly safely and with confidence!

As Head Instructor Joe Cruz puts it: “At the BlackHawk Ranch in California, the rooster doesn’t wake us up… We wake up the rooster with the sounds of motors warming up! We’re up early to start lessons and we finish when the sun goes down.”

Our Instructors work year-round to help people realize their dream of flight. If you are ready to start your next great adventure with us or have any questions about the sport, please contact our office by calling (209) 786-7899.

(209) 786-7899

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