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Blackhawk Paramotors & Powered Paragliders

– Quality and Performance Without the Hype –

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“Exploring The Lost Coast (Our #1 Paramotor Video)”

“Paramotor Training From Start to Finish With BlackHawk”

BlackHawk Paramotor & Powered Paragliders

Producing the safest, most powerful and reliable paramotors in the world since 1998. Out selling our competition over 10 to 1. Imagine the most exhilarating and accessible form of flight for about the cost of a dirt bike. An aircraft that can be stored in your car and assembled for flight in minutes. Launching from almost anywhere and once airborne enjoy the thrill of open flight. Paramotors cost less then $5 per hour to run, are lightweight, easier to take on holiday than a mountain bike and much more fun. Ownership is easy and learning to fly is quick, safe, inexpensive and truly exhilarating.



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John Travolta and Jack Gill with his BlackHawk Paramotor

John Travolta takes up powered paragliding

on set of the movie “Wild Hogs”

Many stars including William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Harrison Ford, and John Travolta have fallen in love with aviation. William Shatner learned to fly a paramotor several years ago and the list is growing.

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Latest BlackHawk Paramotor News:

  • flying-blackhawk-paramotor-lite-trike-for-powered-paragliding_004

    A Lady & Her Paramotor! Heidi Takes BlackHawk’s NEW 4-Stroke & Trike For a Flight!

    Team Pilot Heidi Lee of BlackHawk takes a flight in the NEW 4-Stroke Banshee on our extremely durable Lite-Trike and had a blast! This NEW Trike has become extremely popular among customers around the world. Weighing in at around 30 lbs, it’s never been easier to add wheels to your Paramotor! We’ve made several upgrades to […]

  • blackhawk-banshee-190-4-stroke-paramotor-new-7

    ANOTHER 4-Stroke Paramotor! The Banshee 190 is Coming Soon!

    WATCH THE VIDEO ON FACEBOOK: CLICK HERE! BlackHawk has added yet another 4-Stroke Paramotor to our lineup! We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the all new Banshee 190 Paramotor. In addition to the recently-added INTRUDER 4-Stroke EFI Paramotor, BlackHawk customers will now have a choice between two different 4-stroke engines. The INTRUDER […]

  • 74-year-old-paramotor-pilots-experience-at-blackhawk-paramotors

    74 YEARS YOUNG & Flying a Paramotor!

    74 YEARS YOUNG AND LEARNING TO FLY A PARAMOTOR… We are lucky to live in a time where alternatives to expensive aircraft exist. With NO Pilot’s Licence required, and only a few days of lessons needed, many people like 74 year old Bob McCarthy are achieving their dream of personal flight! Did you know that the […]

  • best-paramotor-2016-with-logo

    BEST Paramotor Footage From BlackHawk’s 2016 Fly In Events!

      Screen shots! Watch The Actual Video Below! Paramotor “best of” footage from BlackHawk’s 2016 events! We hope this video captivates your imagination and that you enjoy sharing some of our Pilot’s adventures! Most of this amazing Paramotor footage was from BlackHawk’s Spring and Fall Fly-Ins this year. The BlackHawk Ranch, centrally located in Valley […]

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What Our Customers Say About BlackHawk:

I’m really enjoying my momentum and R120….It flies like a dream! I have yet to blow a launch nor have I blown a landing, which for a first time flyer shows how easy your equipment is to fly, even in rough air. Plus the seat is off the charts comfortable…you have a great product! Thank you.

Larry Koral
Naperville, Illinois
You guys are the greatest… Parts arrived by 10 am next day… High wind advisory in afternoon so I flew footlaunch the following morning… Easy flying down here..thanks again.


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Disclaimer & Warning About Paramotoring, Paramotor Equipment, and Training:

Powered Paragliding, as with any form of flight, carries potential risks including personal injury, property damage, or death. This sport can be as safe or as dangerous as you choose to make it. All Equipment is not intended for acrobatic or competitive use, in any way, shape or form. Do not purchase equipment or participate in this sport unless you are prepared to personally assume ALL risks. We require you receive professional training from a qualified instructor before you attempt to assemble, start, use or fly your Paramotor / Powered Paragliding equipment. Self-training greatly increases your chances of equipment and physical damage or death. Beware of purchasing used equipment, Do it Yourself kits, PPG Plans, or anything for sale on online auction sites at under market prices. REFUND POLICY: All sales are final & we do not refund prepaid equipment or services. A 3% credit card processing fee will be added to any Paramotor Package purchased without the presence of the purchaser. BlackHawk Paramotors USA Inc. offers the safest and most reliable equipment on the market. Learning on new reliable equipment will produce the best environment and circumstance for safe and successful training. BlackHawk Paramotors USA Inc. & Velocity Paragliders USA (a division of BlackHawk Paramotors USA Inc.) reserves the right to refuse sales and training to any individual which we deem unfit or unsafe to fly. BlackHawk Paramotors USA Inc. & Velocity Paragliders USA (a division of BlackHawk Paramotors USA Inc.) assumes no liability or responsibility for the proper assembly, use, maintenance, or performance of any equipment supplied by BlackHawk Paramotors USA Inc., its owners, dealers, or employees. This website, it’s information, & our policies are subject to change, at any time, without prior notice.