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The 2019 Kestrel V3 is Here!

        We’ve set a new industry standard with the Kestrel line of ultra-lightweight frames. BlackHawk Paramotors USA, the “Leader in Paramotor Innovation,” is very excited to announce the ALL-NEW 2019 Kestrel V3 Frame & Cage! After several months of testing prototypes and feedback from our Team Pilots, we’ve managed to create the most rigid single-hoop Paramotor Frame we’ve ever produced. This lightweight next-generation Kestrel is extremely durable, loaded with new features, and we’re confident that it will be an instant “classic” in our expansive product lineup. BlackHawk’s revolutionary Kestrel line of products have been quoted as “the closest feeling to free-flight paragliding you can experience with a motor!”

BlackHawk Paramotor Kestrel V3 Paramotor Frame 2019

What’s NEW with the BlackHawk Kestrel V3:

SAFETY FIRST: Safety has always been paramount to BlackHawk. We’ve adjusted the thrust line of the motor placement in relation to where the glider hooks in. Pilots can now get into their seat even easier and faster after takeoff. With this change, in-flight pitch control is even more balanced. This is especially great for beginners or Instructors looking for the best passive safety and also enhances the Paramotor’s weight-shift capability. The balance we’ve achieved with this new configuration is simply perfect. The New Kestrel V3 also incorporates a dual-cord net tightening system instead of the classic single-cord system. This increases the rigidity and overall strength of the entire cage diaphragm. The tough net string itself features 1 ¾” openings – knotted on all 4 corners to increase overall Pilot safety. We have a great “Tips and Tricks” video that showcases how to properly tighten and install the dual-cord net system. CLICK HERE to watch the video.

BlackHawk Paramotor Kestrel V3 Paramotor Frame 2019

ALL NEW HOOP: You probably noticed the new “teardrop shape” of the outer hoop instead of the classic circular design. Aside from the WOW factor, this further increases the strength of the cage while also increasing its aerodynamic potential. All connection points have been carefully Tig Welded and the Cage features a two-tone powder-coated finish for a long-lasting beautiful look. The connection seam where the main hoop assembles has been relocated to the side instead of the very top. For Pilots who are concerned about “cage-flex” on those power-forward launches, this ensures extra strength where they need it the most. Even beginner Pilots will now have a frame in the “ultralight” range that is strong enough and forgiving enough to easily handle the demands of those new to the sport.

BlackHawk Paramotor Kestrel V3 Paramotor Frame 2019New Teardrop Hoop on The Kestrel V3! (Click Image to Enlarge)

IMPROVED “CG” AND COMPATIBILITY: BlackHawk has been working on a new engine mounting plate which will come standard with the 2019 Kestrel V3 Cage. This makes the same Kestrel main frame compatible with several different BlackHawk engines. This new design has allowed us to eliminate the previously used spacers and banana brackets! This saves weight while moving the motor even closer to the Pilot’s back – creating a lighter feel and more efficient center-of-gravity. The prop placement is also now 2 ½” set back from the cage hoop which greatly reduces the chances of ever having a prop strike the cage.

LOW-PROFILE “KICKSTAND”: In the past, BlackHawk used a semi-pronounced 3” “kickstand” (metal bar to help the motor remain upright while not in use). We’ve managed to shorten this metal bar to 1”, while still achieving sufficient stability when the motor is sitting upright on the ground. This eliminates more weight and prevents the bar from bending if it makes contact with the ground on takeoff / landing.

LET’S TALK WEIGHT: With all of these new features, BlackHawk has still managed to keep the 2019 Kestrel V3 the same weight as the original Kestrel design! Instead of eliminating certain safety features or compromising the incredible strength of this cage, we’ve found the perfect balance of both safety and strength.

WANT EVEN MORE? GO ELITE!: Of course we also have a NEW Team Series “Kestrel V3 Pro Elite” cage available for Pilots who want even more from their Paramotoring experience. This ultimate upgrade features a carbon fiber seat board, carbon fiber rods, and fully CNC’d “Acro Arms.” The V3 Pro Elite is also 2 lbs lighter than the standard Kestrel V3!

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Kestrel Testimonial

“I’ve been flying for years as both a free-flight and PPG Pilot. I finally decided to upgrade my old frame to the Kestrel V3 Elite. It’s light-years ahead of what I’m used to flying and it gives me that “free-flight feeling” that one would expect from a high-performance PPG frame. It’s really been a standard-setter for me personally. The Kestrel Pro V3 Elite is simply amazing. Light, extremely well-built, and it looks great. Here’s to many more years of adventures thanks to BH!

Kestrel Testimonial

Marc S.


Kestrel Testimonial

“I started researching the sport for my husband and ended up a Pilot myself. I was so happy to find BlackHawk. This is our 3rd Paramotor and the quality, the way we were treated, just everything was amazing. It felt really good to put our money into a good product instead of a Dealer’s pocket. If you haven’t seen a BlackHawk in person or talked to someone who works there, you’re missing out. Love you guys and thanks for being an honest company. It’s refreshing compared to what we’ve experienced before.

Kestrel Testimonial

Nancy M


  • Weight Specs:

    Frame Alone **Standard Kestrel Pro V3**: 8.5 lbs. (3.85 kg.)

    Complete With 90cc Paramotor: 43.0 lbs. (19.5 kg.)

    Complete With 125cc Paramotor: 46.5 lbs. (21 kg.)

    Complete With Titan 210 Paramotor (INCLUDING Electric Start): 58 lbs. (26 kg.)

    Complete With AirMax 220 Paramotor: 56 lbs. (25 kg)

  • Prices:

    Updrade to Kestrel Pro V3 (with package purchase): +$1195

    Kestrel Pro V3 (without motor purchase): $2045

    Kestrel Pro V3 Elite Cage – Carbon Fiber Rods, Carbon Fiber Seat Board & Lid, & Fully CNC’d Acro Arms (CALL)

    NOTE: If you already own a BlackHawk Cage and need replacement parts, you can also call us directly for pricing.


NEW 2019 BlackHawk Kestrel V3 Pro Paramotor Frame

Kestrel Paramotor Frame Features:

**Extreme comfort design for long cross-country flights

**The most rigid single-hoop Paramotor Frame we’ve ever produced”

**Improved Thrust-Line for faster / easier takeoff

** NEW Teardrop Hoop shape for strength & performance

**All connection points are carefully Tig-Welded

**Newly relocated connection seam for reduced cage-flex during power-forward launching

**Universal mounting plate for greater motor compatibility

**We’ve eliminated the spacers & banana brackets for reduced weight and better CG

**Newly designed Kickstand for durability and less overall weight

**1 ¾ inch net openings – knotted on all 4 corners for maximum safety

**Dual tightening bands on netting to retain tightness and for added protection

**Netting is held low on the main frame, thereby minimizing possible direct contact

with the motor or prop

**Unique, easy-to-install & adjust netting strap system

**Cage and frame break down with ease for travel

**Performance-enhancing pull-start is set back into the frame cavity. Motor is

mounted close to the pilots back:

–Lightens the feel of the motors weight

–Reduces in flight torque

–Increases weight shift ability

**Main frame can be disassembled into sections, allowing unit to be packed into a suitcase

**3.2 gallon high-quality UV protected gas tank with wrinkled texture

**Sump & fuel line located in the bottom of fuel tank for FULL fuel usage

**Prop placement is 2.5 inches setback from cage hoop allowing for cage flex


**Beautiful 2-tone Powder-coated finish for long life protection from the elements

**Kestrel V3 Pro Elite Features:

–Carbon Fiber Seat Board and Lid for optimal weight-shift capability

–Fully CNC’d Acro Arms for Professional Pilots

-Carbon Fiber Cage Rods

-Package Deals with the V3 Elite INCLUDE a Carbon Fiber Prop



The ALL-NEW 2019 Kestrel V3 and Kestrel V3 Elite Frames are available right now! If you’ve been thinking about replacing your old Paramotor frame or are just getting into the sport, the 2019 Kestrel V3 from BlackHawk is the very latest the world of Powered Paragliding has to offer. “Welcome to your next great adventure” from the world’s leader in Paramotor innovation and customer service!

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Meet The All New 2019 Kestrel V3:


  • The American Kestrel:

    -A Paramotor Cage worthy of it’s name-

    The American Kestrel is the smallest falcon or raptor in North America. Well known for it’s lightening-fast speed, lightweight body, and soaring capabilities, the Kestrel was a fitting name for our new high-performance, ultra-light frames. The American Kestrel is able to live in very diverse conditions, ranging from above the Arctic Circle, to the tropics of Central America. The American Kestrel is likely the most abundant falcon in North America, and can take down prey much larger than its size. After BlackHawk designed the NEW Kestrel Paramotor Frame, we announced a contest for customers to come up with a name for this next-generation of Paramotor Frames… After a few weeks and over 100 suggestions, the Kestrel was born!

Kestrel 1


Customer Promise...

“We stand by all of our products and offer a satisfaction guarantee. We are confident you will be completely satisfied with your choice to purchase from BlackHawk Paramotors USA, and hope to earn your continued business. Call us to order your new Kestrel today!”



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