SupAir Quo Vadis Paragliding Harness

SUP AIR Quo Vadis Paragliding Harness

Quo Vadis Paragliding Harness

The Sup’Air Quo Vadis Paragliding Harness is an excellent choice for pilots who want comfort and safety for those long Cross-Country flights.  This reversible harness / backpack is integrated with a reserve parachute container and features a light-weight design.  A complete Airbag Protection System provides for a high level of passive safety.  The Quo Vadis is constructed from top-of-the-line, high-end materials, so it will hold up to the demands of free-flight pilots.  With a reinforced backrest, self-retracting foot rest, and adjustable ergonomic straps, Sup’Air calls it the “best cushioning among the entire harness line.”


Reinforced Backrest for Ultimate Comfort

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Quo Vadis Paragliding Harness Padded Backrest

  • Size Measurements (cm)


    Quo Vadis Paragliding Herness Sizes

  • Price


    XS, S, M, L, XL:  $845

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  • Weight

    Sup Air Quo Vadis Paragliding Harness

    As Delivered in Size Medium:  4900g  (10.8 lbs)

    Without Carabiners, Handle, Foot-Rest, & Riser:  4440g (9.78 lbs)

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Sup’Air Quo Vadis Features & Technical Data:

  • Features


    -Full ergonomic Airbag dorsal protection with patented cable “Pre-Inflation Wire System®”

    -Adjustable reserve parachute pocket (bottom right).

    -Quick release buckles with Safe-T-Bar locking mechanism.

    -Anti Balance System.

    -“Quick Out” Biner connection points ready.

    -30 mm Self-locking aluminium buckles.

    -30 mm Self-Locking Biners.


    -Reinforced backrest for greater comfort.

    -Speed-Bar pulleys.

    -Self-retracting foot-rest.

    -Pre-equipped to accept the hydration pack.

    -Pre-equipped to accept the “Speedbag”.

    -Backpack: adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps, chest strap, hydration system and compression straps.

  • Options

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    -Quo Vadis SpeedBag – S, M, L (Weight: 900g)



    -Retractable Foot-Rest (weight: 150g)

    Quo Vadis Retractable Foot Rest


    -Cockpit LIGHT Accessory Pouch (Weight: 230g)

    Cockpit Light Accessory Pouch


    -Double-Stage Speed-Bar System (Weight:  100g)

    Quo Vadis Speed Bar System

  • Adjustments

    -Shoulder straps adjustments.

    -Adjustable leg-straps length.

    -Adjustable backrest support incline. 

    -Chest strap adjustment.

    -Adjustable seat depth. 

  • Storage

     -Harness:  Large compartmentalized pocket, independent from the Air-Bag. Serves in backpack mode. Side storage pocket. External hiking pole connections.

    Backpack:  Large volume for all wing sizes. Stretchable side netted pockets. Compression straps. Belt-pocket.

    -Lite Pack:  Enables to stow away miscelleneous gear between the backrest and the Airbag. This pocket is inserted inside a zipped pocket at the top of the backpack’s shoulder straps. 

  • Materials

     -Cordura light.

    -Polyamide 420D Diamond Ripstop.

  • Certification

     -EN 1651.