Velocity Nitro Paraglider


Welcome to the ULTIMATE in Reflex Technology. The Velocity Nitro is the next-generation of Velocity’s ever popular Nitro Paraglider. For a full product description, see below.

NOTE: The Velocity Nitro Paraglider is not recommended for beginner use.

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Velocity Nitro Paraglider

Available Colors – Top & Bottom of Glider:

Velocity Nitro Paraglider Colors

The Velocity Nitro is a one-of-a-kind Paraglider, on the forefront of Reflex Technology. Velocity Paragliders first made their mark in the world of true competition & XC Paragliders with the introduction of the Velocity Recon. After years of being an international best-seller, and the glider of choice for many of the sport’s top pilots,  Velocity Paragliders has decided to take the next great leap. Input from countless Team Pilots, and the incorporation of the most modern industry technology has birthed this next-generation phenomenon. The Nitro features a sleek, high aspect ratio, providing for ultra-efficiency and unsurpassed agility. The latest in Reflex Technology creates responsiveness and handling like that of a race car. The Velocity Nitro possesses a unique flat profile and was designed to achieve incredible speeds while maintaining maximum stability. The most durable and modern materials are used in the construction of the Nitro. For example, newly added DuPont Delrin (acetal polyoxymethylene) battens enhance strength while keeping the ultralight weight Velocity Paragliders are known for. The newest, most advanced tip-steering toggles provide pilots with a broad range of control and precision handling in various flight conditions.  The Nitro is a shining example of Velocity’s commitment to providing customers with the absolute best the sport has to offer… Best quality, best performance, and best value. Like the Velocity Recon, once flown, the Nitro will be the only wing you’ll want to fly!  Please note that this is an advanced glider, and it’s recommended for experienced pilots who are looking for a super-high performance competition glider.  If you have any questions about the Velocity Nitro, please CONTACT US.



NOTE: You do not need to add the weight of your motor, wing, or gas to these totals below. We have already accounted for the average weight of your BlackHawk gear in the totals. If you are using the glider for “free-flight” (without the motor), or using a different brand motor, please check with your Instructor to ensure sizes are suitable to your specific application.

18m²           91lbs – 118lbs    (41kg – 54kg)

22m²          129lbs – 162lbs    (59kg – 73kg)

25m²          158lbs – 195lbs    (72k – 89kg)

27m²        177lbs – 217lbs    (80kg – 98kg)

29m²        196lbs – 239lbs   (89kg – 109kg)

31m²        215lbs – 261lbs    (98kg – 118kg)

34    –    243lbs – 294lbs    (110kg – 133kg)

Velocity Nitro Paraglider

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