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MEET THE CORE: Velocity Paragliders USA is excited to officially announce the NEW 2017 Core Paraglider! After many months of testing and feedback from Pilots across the nation, production of this new beginner / intermediate glider will start very soon! You can pre-order yours now to get ahead of the line!

THE “CORE” PURPOSE: Velocity Paragliders – a division of BlackHawk – has seen tremendous success over the years with our “Edge” beginner paraglider. The Schools and Pilots around the world who have loved the Edge are going to be blown away by the design of the all-new Velocity Core. The Core takes learning Powered Paragliding to a whole new level – providing everything you could expect from a beginner-friendly glider, all the way up to intermediate-level Pilots!

ALL-NEW DESIGN: This glider was designed with quality and performance in mind with every single step of the construction process. The Core features Delron Battens in the leading edge for optimal durability and shape-retention. We’ve added “Split A’s” for easier launching & the ability to perform “Big Ears” or dissension from higher-altitude flights. The core is constructed from Dominico which is used in the Industry’s higher-performance gliders. This makes it lightweight and assures a long-lasting glider that Pilots can enjoy for many years to come.

FLYING THE CORE: Boasting an incredible 9:1 glide ratio, the efficiency of the core will quickly make it a standard or “go-to” glider in the Cross-Country PPG community. The combination of unbeatable flare-authority and profound energy-retaining characteristics will provide for extremely mellow landings. The Core is Velocity’s “easiest kiting glider ever produced” due to the features mentioned and will become a favorite among Schools or those just getting into the sport. As an upper-end EN-A Glider, the Core is suitable for beginners and will accommodate Intermediate Pilots who want to push the limits of their skills. Beautiful design, unmatched performance, and extreme durability… Now THAT’S getting to the “Core” of the sport and everything that Velocity Paragliders USA stands for.

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Included with the Velocity Elektra

  • Stuff Sack
  • Velocity Paragliders USA’s commitment to the Highest Quality, Performance and Customer Satisfaction in the Paragliding/Paramotor World

Weight range:

NOTE: You do not need to add the weight of your motor, wing, or gas to these totals below. We have already accounted for the average weight of your BlackHawk gear in the totals. If you are using the glider for “free-flight” (without the motor), or using a different brand motor, please check with your Instructor to ensure sizes are suitable to your specific application.

20           85lbs – 138lbs    (39kg – 63kg)

23          118lbs – 171lbs    (54kg – 76kg)

25          140lbs – 193lbs    (64k – 88kg)

28        184lbs – 239lbs    (83kg – 108kg)

30    –    230lbs – 318lbs   (104kg – 144kg)

33        263lbs – 351lbs    (119kg – 159kg)


Additional information

Paraglider Size

20m², 23m², 25m², 28m², 30m², 33m²

Color Options

Red, Orange, Purple, Green (bright)


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