Sol Atmus One Paraglider

Sol Atmus One Paraglider

Sol Atmus One Paraglider

The Sol Atmus One Paraglider has a totally new design!  The latest developments were geared towards greatly increasing the gliders performance and the demands of pilots within this class of gliders.  Sol Paragliders has added several new models to cater to the many types of Paragliding Pilots.  The Atmus One fills the gap between class A and class B gliders.  It’s perfect for beginner pilots who want to venture into the next class of gliders, without dealing with a dramatic change or learning curve.  The gliders design and style was inspired by tribal culture, and it features a new sleek design.  The Atmus One has a slightly more compact aspect ratio and it inflates easier, without the tendency to overfly.  Responsiveness has become more precise, and it boasts a more efficient glide ratio.  For more information on Sol Paragliders, you can visit their website by clicking HERE.


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  • Prices

    24m², 26m², 28m², 30m², 32


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    Sol Atmus One Paraglider

  • Pilot Weight Range (lbs) (kg)

    Sol Paragliders

     Takeoff Weights as Stated by Sol Paragliders:

    24.5m²    154lbs – 198lbs    (70kg – 90kg)

    26m²    176lbs – 220lbs    (85kg – 100kg)

    28m²    198lbs – 242lbs    (90kg – 110kg)

    30m²    220lbs – 275lbs    (100kg – 125kg)

    32m²    264lbs – 308lbs    (120kg – 140kg)

  • Manuals PDF

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    Sol Atmus One User’s Manual PDF

    Sol Atmus One Line Guide PDF



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Sol Atmus One Paraglider Technology


Sol Atmus One Technical Data:

  • Specs Chart:

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    Sol Atmus One Paraglider Specs

  • Materials:

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    “Since 1991, Sol Paragliders has produced outstanding products, carefully constructed and FULLY LASER CUT from the highest-quality industry-leading materials”

    Top / Bottom:  WTX 40-40 g/m2

    Profile:  Pro Nyl 42 g/m2 Polyurethane-Coated Rip Stop

    Reinforcements:  Talas (BT Technology)

    Lines:  1,1 – 1.5-2.1 mm Cousin Technora Superaram

    Risers:  Fitanew 15 x 2.0 mm Flat Multi 1600kg

    Carabiners:  Ansung Precision 800kg 4mm

    Pulleys:  SOL

  • Included Accessories:

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    -Internal Protection Bag-

    -Ribbon Tie-

    -Bag Lifters-



    -Basic Maintenance Kit-

    -Sol Paragliders Hat-

    -Foot Accelerator-

    -“Easy-Check” Tape-

  • Warranty Info:

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    Sol Atmus One Paraglider logo

    Sol Prymus Four Paraglider Waranty

    Sol Paragliders come standard with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.  For warranty specifics and more information, you can visit Sol’s website by clicking HERE.  You can also Contact BlackHawk Paramotors USA by clicking HERE.


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