Velocity Edge Paraglider

NOTE: The Velocity Edge has been replaced with our newest addition to the Velocity Family: The NEW Velocity Core Paraglider! This will be the standard Paraglider INCLUDED in all Standard Package Deals. For more details on this next-generation Paraglider, please click the “Core” logo below. Questions? Contact us by CLICKING HERE.

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Get That Edge You are Looking for...

The Velocity Edge paraglider is the next generation of our ever-popular Paraglider. This extremely well-rounded glider is suitable for both new and advanced Paramotor pilots. The Velocity Edge continues to provide super-easy launch characteristics, amazing lift, and unmatched stability while in flight. BlackHawk & Velocity designs every product we produce with safety in mind FIRST.  We want our customers to feel confident and safe in the air. The Velocity Edge provides just that, allowing pilots to enjoy this sport to it’s fullest.  By unitizing the latest materials available in the Paragliding industry, this glider is lighter than ever and built to last. The Velocity Edge is a fully certified in the beginner/intermediate Afnor Standard category for our size 28 glider.  Order yours today and get that “Edge” you are looking for!

Choose YOUR Color:

Velocity Edge Paraglider Colors


  • Prices

       2528, 30m²                                               33

     $2,695              $2,795

                   36m²                                                  42m² Tandem

     $2,995              $3,495


  • Pilot Weight Range (lbs) (kg)

    NOTE: You do not need to add the weight of your motor, wing, or gas to these totals below. We have already accounted for the average weight of your BlackHawk gear in the totals. If you are using the glider for “free-flight” (without the motor), or using a different brand motor, please check with your Instructor to ensure sizes are suitable to your specific application.

    velocity-recon-logo solo

    25m²           145lbs – 183lbs    (66kg – 83kg)

    28m²          172lbs – 214lbs    (78kg – 97kg)

    30m²        190lbs – 235lbs    (86kg – 107kg)

    33m²        217lbs – 267lbs    (98kg – 121kg)

    36m²        244lbs – 298lbs    (111kg – 135kg)

    42m²        298lbs – 600lbs    (135kg – 272kg)



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Velocity Edge Paraglider Features:

  • Velocity Edge Features:

  • Super easy launching in no wind conditions

  • Single A’s for easy riser handling in forward or reverse launching

  • Sewn in super strong rare earth magnets for no collection of debris and positive brake hook up

  • Excellent centering graphics make launching so easy

  • Heavy lines for Paramotoring

  • Clearly marked A and D risers

  • Swivels on brake lines to prevent tangling

  • High quality Brake pulleys

  • Very high in flight visibility for pilot safety

  • Clean crisp turning and high energy flair landings

  • Highest quality materials

  • Two year warranty*


velocity-recon-logo big

Velocity Edge Paraglider Testing:

NEW Tandem 42 Edge Design:

New Glider Repair Kit Included

Paraglider Repair Kit Velocity Paragliders


All Velocity Paragliders now come with a NEW glider repair kit. This kit includes high-quality large-size patches of materials which match the color of the specific glider you ordered. In addition to the basic repair field kit (which comes with the purchase of a Paramotor package), you will now have a heavy-duty kit for longer-term repairs. This kit also includes (2) additional lines for line-repair if needed. PLEASE NOTE: You should always have your glider inspected by a Certified Flight Instructor before and after any repair is made. A Flight Instructor can determine weather or not the glider is in perfect working order, and/or make arrangements to have it repaired professionally should they deem this necessary.

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**Velocity Paragliders USA is a division of BlackHawk Paramotors USA Inc.