Ozone Buzz Z4 Paraglider

Ozone Buzz Z4 Paraglider

Ozone Buzz Z4 Paraglider

The Ozone Buzz Z4 Paraglider was selected as a featured glider by BlackHawk’s Team Pilots for its great value and amazing performance.  Ozone Paragliders put extraordinary care and attention to detail when designing the Buzz Z4 Paraglider.  In fact, their website stated “The Z3 was, in many ways, one of the best paragliders that we have ever produced.”  The Z4 is their next-generation version of their “best paraglider.”  This well-rounded Paragliding superstar is versatile, balanced, performance orientated, and extremely efficient.  Designed for comfort during long XC flight, the Ozone Buzz Z4 is perfect for intermediate pilots who want it all.  New technology in construction yielded a 13% reduction in line drag, increased smoothness through a more efficient leading edge, and enhanced pitch stability for real XC conditions.   For more information on the Ozone Buzz Z4 Paraglider, you can visit their website by clicking HERE.


Ozone Buzz Z4 Paraglider

Ozone Buzz Z4 Standard Available Colors:

Ozone Buzz Z4 Paraglider Colors

  • Prices

    22m², 24m², 26

     27.3m², 29.3, 32,


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    Ozone Buzz Z4 Paraglider 2

  • Pilot Weight Range (lbs) (kg)

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     In-Flight Weight Range as Stated by Ozone Paragliders:

    22m²          128lbs – 154lbs    (58kg – 70kg)

    24m²          143lbs – 187lbs    (65kg – 85kg)

     26m²          165lbs – 209lbs    (75kg – 95kg)

       27.3m²       187lbs – 231lbs    (85kg – 105kg)

       29.3       209lbs – 254lbs    (95kg – 115kg)

        32          243lbs – 287lbs    (110kg – 130kg)

  • Manuals PDF

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    Ozone Buzz Z4 User’s Manual PDF



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Ozone Buzz 4 Technical Data:

  • Specs Chart:

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    Ozone Buzz Z4 Paraglider Stats

  • Materials:

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    Top Surface:  Dominico 30D MF

    Bottom Surface:  Dominico 30D FM

    Rib Cloth:  Skytex 40 Hard / Dominico 30D FM

    Upper Lines:  Edelrid 8000U-090/070

    Mid Lines:  Liros DSL140/70

    Lower Lines:  Edelrid 7343-230/190

  • Included Accessories:

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    -135 L Backpack-

    -Inner Bag-

    -Glider Strap-

    -Speed Bar-

    -Ozone Stickers-

    -Repair Cloth-

    -Ozone Key Ring-

    -Line Length Chart-


Ozone Buzz Z4 Paraglider

Ozone Buzz Z4 Paraglider Image Gallery: