BlackHawk Kestrel Paramotor Frame

NOTE: BlackHawk is now offering the NEW 2019 Kestrel V3 Pro and Kestrel V3 Pro Elite Cages. We are still keeping this page on our website for customer refrence and information. To see or order the latest Kestrel Paramotor Frame, please CLICK HERE.

A Frame Like No Other


About The Kestrel:

BlackHawk Paramotors has set a new industry standard with the Kestrel line of ultra-lightweight frames. The frame alone weighs in at only 8.5 lbs (3.8 kg), and is extremely durable.  The BlackHawk Kestrels are becoming the most sought-after units on the market, and boast the best overall performance of any setup currently in production. The Kestrel comes in Several models: The Kestrel Standard, Kestrel Pro, and Kestrel Pro Elite. The Kestrel standard features mid hang-points with rigid J-Bars. This creates ultra stability for easy launching and a smooth in-flight ride. The Kestrel Pro features extremely responsive weight shift for superior control and a “near free flight” experience. The Kestrel Pro Elite features Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame, Carbon Fiber Rods, Carbon Fiber Seat Board, and Titanium Swing Arms! The Kestrel is available with many motor options like: The BlackHawk 90, 125 LITE, Talon 190, and AirMax 220 motors. The Kestrel was created by the BlackHawk Team with years of Paramotor design experience and R&D feedback from our team pilots. Each unit is carefully constructed with the lightest, strongest, and highest-quality materials available. Safety was not sacrificed for performance when designing the Kestrel. This revolutionary Kestrel line of products have been quoted as “the closest feeling to free-flight paragliding you can experience with a motor!”


“I’m a free-flight pilot and a smaller guy.  I never imagined there would be a Paramotor that’s light enough for me to launch and still gives me that “free-flight feeling.”  The BlackHawk Kestrel Pro Elite is simply amazing!”

  • Weight Specs:

    Frame Alone **Standard Kestrel**: 8.5 lbs. (3.85 kg.)

    Complete With 90cc Paramotor: 46.0 lbs. (20.8 kg.)

    Complete With 125cc Paramotor: 48.5 lbs. (22 kg.)

    Complete With Titan 210 Paramotor: 58 lbs. (24 kg.)

    Complete With AirMax 220 Paramotor: 56 lbs. (25 kg)


    BlackHawk is now offering NEW Kestrel bar colors. You have the choice of metallic red, metallic green, metallic gray, or metallic black at NO ADDITIONAL COST. If you already have a BlackHawk Kestrel Paramotor Frame and would like to upgrade to these new colors, CLICK HERE to contact us.


    BlackHawk Paramotor Kestrel Powered Paragliding Frame Colors

    BlackHawk Paramotor Red Kestrel Powered Paragliding Frame 2BlackHawk Paramotor Red Kestrel Powered Paragliding FrameBlackHawk Paramotor Green Kestrel Powered Paragliding FrameBlackHawk Paramotor Green Kestrel Powered Paragliding Frame


  • Prices:

    Kestrel Standard (mid-hang point): N/A

    Updrade to Kestrel Pro (Weight Shift): +$150

    Upgrade to Metallic Red/Green/Silver bars: FREE

    Replacement Metallic Red/Green/Silver/Black Bars (SET):  +$150

    Kestrel Standard (without motor purchase): $1895

    Kestrel Pro With Weight Shift – Includes Swing Arms (without motor purchase): $2100

    Kestrel Pro Elite Cage – Carbon Fiber Rods, Carbon Fiber Seat Board, & Titanium Swing Arms (CALL)

    CLICK HERE to ORDER a set of Kestrel Paramotor Replacement Bars in your choice of color

    NOTE:  If you already own a BlackHawk Cage and need replacement parts, you can also call us directly for pricing.

  • Ordering Note:

    PLEASE specify which Kestrel you would like when ordering, AND which color bars :

    • Kestrel Standard: mid-height hang-point with rigid j-bars
    • Kestrel Pro: Weight-shift with swing arms and low hook-in
    • Kestrel Pro Elite: Aircraft Aluminum Frame, Carbon Fiber Rods, Carbon Fiber Seat Board, and Titanium Swing Arms!
    • CHOOSE: Metallic Red/Green/Silver/Black Frame Bars

Kestrel Paramotor Frame Features:

**Extreme comfort design for long cross-country flights

**Top of the line AustrlAlpin quick-release buckles

**Finger rings on straps for easy infight or ground adjustment

**Adjustable seat “flap” for lumbar support & additional weight-shift customization

**Fully padded seat and back for added comfort – especially on long-distance


**Moisture-wicking material on the back padded portion of the seat

**Fully adjustable chest strap for forward launching

**Dual stainless steel pulley speed bar system for response accuracy & ease of


**Removable & washable arm pads on the weight-shift arms for long-flight comfort

**Adjustable connection point arms for pilot specific center-of-gravity

**Large storage pockets on both sides of the harness with rugged YKK zippers for

   easy one-hand access

**Storage compartment under the seat with YKK zipper – Perfect for storing


**Ground handling straps – allowing the unit to remain high on your shoulders for

  easy launch, takeoff, and even distribution of body weight

**1 ¾ inch net openings – knotted on all 4 corners for maximum safety

**Dual tightening bands on netting to retain tightness and for added protection

**Netting is held low on the main frame, thereby minimizing possible direct contact

  with the motor or prop

**Unique, easy-to-install & adjust netting strap system

**Cage and frame break down with ease for travel.

**Performance-enhancing pull-start is set back into the frame cavity. Motor is

  mounted close to the pilots back:

         –Lightens the feel of the motors weight

         –Reduces in flight torque

         –Increases weight shift ability

**Main frame splits into 2 parts, allowing unit to be packed into a suitcase

**3.2 gallon high-quality UV protected gas tank with wrinkled texture

**Sump & fuel line located in the bottom of fuel tank for FULL fuel usage

**Wood prop included – Carbon fiber props available at an additional cost

**Tuned exhaust chamber with weight-saving carbon fiber silencer

**All motors are dyno tuned for a smooth usable power band

**precision CNC’d motor for longer lifecycle, extreme durability, and light

  weight performance

**Prop placement is 2 ¼ inches setback from cage hoop allowing for cage flex


**Ridged reinforced cage – Perfect for power forward launching

**Powder-coated cage for long life protection from the elements

**Pro Elite Features CARBON FIBER Rods & Seat Board

**Kestrel Pro Elite INCLUDES Titanium Swing Arms

**Kestrel Pro Elite features Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Cage


How to Assemble Your Kestrel Videos – CLICK HERE

Kestrel Features & Review Video:


NEW Paramotor Frame Colors Review:

  • The American Kestrel:

    -A Paramotor Cage worthy of it’s name-

    The American Kestrel is the smallest falcon or raptor in North America.  Well known for it’s lightening-fast speed, lightweight body, and soaring capabilities, the Kestrel was a fitting name for our new high-performance, ultra-light frames.  The American Kestrel is able to live in very diverse conditions, ranging from above the Arctic Circle, to the tropics of Central America.  The American Kestrel is likely the most abundant falcon in North America, and can take down prey much larger than its size.  After BlackHawk designed the NEW Kestrel Paramotor Frame, we announced a contest for customers to come up with a name for this next-generation of Paramotor Frames… After a few weeks and over 100 suggestions, the Kestrel was born!

 Kestrel 1


Customer Promise...

“We stand by all of our products and offer a satisfaction guarantee. We are confident you will be completely satisfied with your choice to purchase from BlackHawk Paramotors USA, and hope to earn your continued business. Call us to order your new Kestrel today!”



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