BLACK Hawk FRIDAY 2018! (Huge Paramotor Discounts)



We are offering $800 off on ANY Paramotor Package Deal… Our BIGGEST Black Friday Sale EVER!

This special will run from Thursday, November 23rd through Friday November 30th, 2018! For details or to order, (text or call) Sales Director Heidi Lee directly at: (209) 418-5990! Happy Holidays from BlackHawk Paramotors USA!

Are you ready to embark on one of your life’s greatest adventures and finally realize your dream of owning a personal aircraft? 2018 is coming to an end and we all know how fast the years go by. If you find yourself saying “someday I’ll fly a Paramotor,” right NOW is your chance to save $800 on a BlackHawk Paramotor Package. This is one of the largest annual sales that BlackHawk offers and it only lasts for 1 week!

Powered Paragliding is truly a life-changing experience. Floating through the sky with a totally unobstructed view changes the way you see the world. Going for a Paramotor flight can energize you mentally, reduce stress or depression, and give you something very special to look forward to at the end of that long work week. You will also connect with other adventurists in this amazing community and make friends that last a lifetime. If you are ready to start your next great adventure with this one-of-a-kind experience, BlackHawk is here to help!


*Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Special is for purchases at our California Headquarters and participating Dealers.