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About BlackHawk Paramotors USA Inc.


BlackHawk Paramotors USA Team

Welcome to your next great adventure! BlackHawk Paramotors USA Inc. was founded in 1998 and taken over by Mike Robinson in 2008. Since then, the company has risen to become the largest manufacturer of Powered Paragliding equipment in the world. BlackHawk has always had one main goal: “To exceed the quality, performance, and value of any Powered Paraglider in the industry.” BlackHawk’s Corporate office and National Training Center is located in Beautiful Valley Springs, California. Known as the “BlackHawk Ranch,” this area provides for some of the most scenic flying in the State. Over the last decade, thousands of people have traveled from all over the world to the BlackHawk Ranch to embark on one of the most memorable journeys in their lives. We are changing lives… One flight at a time!

Team BlackHawk Pilots Explore The Lost Coast of California

Why BlackHawk Paramotor is #1…

Many factors have allowed BlackHawk to achieve such great success – the primary factor being our “Complete Paramotor Package Deals.” Mike Robinson of BlackHawk commented: “It comes down to simple economics. We sell more Powered Paragliding equipment than anyone, therefore our prices can be lower than anyone. Being a domestic manufacturer is also important. Customers aren’t paying thousands of dollars more for import costs or dealer fees. Availability of parts is another important thing to consider. We don’t want customers to miss the flying season while waiting months for a simple part to arrive from Europe. 99% of our customers have the same simple desire… To be safe, and fly “low & slow.” You will not find a safer, more modern, or more affordable Powered Paraglider anywhere else.

Pictured Below: Several BlackHawk Paramotor Engines Being Built

BlackHawk Paramotors Powered Paragliding Motors

The Team of Teams…

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Every single person involved in the company has been hand-selected. Not just for their unique and professional skills, but for the “presence” they bring to the team. Each Team Member also must represent the company’s values and unwavering integrity at all times. Our Instructors and dealers have made Powered Paragliding a way of life. Our Team Mechanics and Maintenance Specialists take pride in achieving perfection when building a motor. Every procedure is done with full attentiveness, as they take the personal safety of customers very seriously. Our Sales and Marketing Team have been trained to provide simple, honest advice in an easy-to-understand format. When customers call BlackHawk, they can expect usable information – not a “sales pitch.” All BlackHawk Team Members are pilots who have taken their love for this sport to the next level. We are all a close family here, and wouldn’t have it any other way!

The BlackHawk Customer Experience:…

In addition to value, the other key component that has helped make BlackHawk #1 is our customer service. Our goal is to ensure every customer is promptly taken care of, issues are resolved quickly, and that a generous amount of time is allotted to ensure every question is answered. Exceptional customer service starts from the moment a customer calls, and doesn’t end once the sale is completed. Post-sale customer support is what earns the continued business of repeat customers. We are all about “relationship-based sales.” Many of the customers who purchased a Paramotor when the company started are now bringing their children to the BlackHawk Ranch to continue the journey. We want our customers’ business for life and work hard to earn this. Don’t just take our word for it… Give us a call anytime and see for yourself! We are here to help. Remember: “It’s YOUR time… What are YOU going to do with it?”

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