We’ve pulled together some of the emails and letters we’ve received over the years.
We will update this as we receive new ones.

I wanted to share this picture of John Blair flying my low boy quad. Without Johns help I don’t think I would have even thought of buying anything that was Paratoys. John has shown me a lot of things that only a very experienced flight instructor would know. He went as far as to have my quad setup for me and had the mz34 engine broke-in and test flown when I came for my first day of ground handling. I was very impressed with the low boy quad and the feel of a ParaToys wing. This wing is easy to inflate and its performance is awesome. With this setup I feel that I have made a great choice and will only fly a ParaToys wing for life!!!

Matt Lawson
Paul from PA…. Just wanted to drop you a line about my first two flights last night! Both the wing and the Black Hawk paramotor worked PERFECT! I got off the ground in less than 5 steps and I’m 220 lbs. I also didn’t notice any torque and the rate of climb was IMPRESSIVE! The ParaToys wing is ROCK SOLID!


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