We’ve pulled together some of the emails and letters we’ve received over the years.
We will update this as we receive new ones.

I want to give a big thank you to Rick and Mike of ParaToys for helping me fulfill my life long dream of flying, a feeling I can’t begin to explain.

Rick’s instruction is very well laid out and precise with safety number 1, not to mention Rick’s patients. I was made to feel like part of the family. Mike’s products are the best out there. Having health problems, the quad made flying possible for me, Mike’s ranch is the most relaxing place to fly and camp while watching the horses and cattle grazing or flying over the lake. Mike and Rick and the ParaToys family are the best.

Doug Smith
Sacramento, California
I just opened last night and I must say this thing is awesome! Literally the craftsmanship and toughness of this thing blows me away. It looks way better in real life than any of the photos I scanned through on my computer. After staring at my BDs for the last few months, I honestly didn’t expect a ppg engine to be this rigid and look this well made. With luck I’ll be able to fire it up tomorrow night for a few flights.

The one thing I do need to ask about is the torque settings. The manual recommends the head gasket be torqued to 9+2 NM. Is that 9.2 NM? If I understand it right, that would be about half the torque of the black devil which was 2.2 NM. Do the needs just change that much with a different thread? Probably a dumb question.

Anyway, the motor is beautiful and I thank you for encouraging me to buy this motor!!!

Fred Amstel

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