We’ve pulled together some of the emails and letters we’ve received over the years.
We will update this as we receive new ones.

A friend of mine purchased a new BH 313 with a Rhino cage and picked it up at the show. Although he had a few issues with the starter at first, Mike and his staff worked tirelessly until his unit was ready to fly. They even offered to give him another new unit, but he patiently waited until they had it fixed. They were genuinely concerned about taking care of the problems and making sure he was happy. Even Leon Massa from the Compact Radial Engines was there to make sure the problems were resolved. My friend is now the new ParaToys dealer for Tennessee!

I was so impressed with the hospitality Mike showed to us, and the time that Bob spent with me the year before, I sold one of my units and bought a new BH 313 and Rhino cage at the show and had it shipped home. When it arrived, I found that UPS had damaged the frame during shipping. I contacted Mike and he immediately contacted UPS and had it picked up and he sent me new unit. Within a short time I had it mounted to my TrikeBuggy Bullet and I was in the air.

To Bob, Mike, Michelle, and the whole ParaToys crew, THANK YOU! I wish you all the very best success in your new endeavors and thank you for your dedication and continued contributions to this wonderful sport of Powered Paragliding!

David Schultz
It was nice to meet you last weekend…always good to put a face to a name. You’ve got a great a place, and the improvements you’re doing will make it that much more enticing to train and fly at your ranch…I am looking forward to visiting again!

I’d like to express to you what a great experience I had training with Rick Hallowes! My wife and I were warmly greeted by Rick upon our arrival at his home. He had all of my equipment, that I would be taking home, laid-out and described the unfamiliar items to me. As you know we got off to a slow start with the broken axle on the quad, but I thoroughly enjoyed the time watching you and the other pilots flying about.

Although I felt my progression was relatively slow (given my past experience with free-flight), Rick was very kind with his patience and diligence. His knowledge and experience on both the equipment and his ability to convey procedures was greatly appreciated. He was able to make the most use of our time with taxiing during the calmer parts of the days and teaching about the equipment and kiting during the windier conditions. Alas, during the final hours I was able to get aloft! What a great time! It took a few minutes to get the feel of a different wing and a motor, but Rick coached me through it with ease. We were able to perform a couple of low level fly-bys and landings before darkness set upon the field. Rick also took several pictures which he has since e-mailed me. Good memories!

Mike Flowers

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