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August 14, 2015

I’m sure my BlackHawk experience began similar to so many – I kept seeing a guy flying by my office window each week (over the ocean), and said to myself “that looks so easy, and so fun, I have to do this”!!! – so I started seriously looking into the sport.

My research kept leading me to BlackHawk Paramotors, as they seemed to meet (my) essentials requirements.

  1. Training Facility – the BlackHawk Ranch is 100+ acres of beautiful pasture, surrounded by mountains and Hogan Lake – it’s a vacation experience just to be at their facility. Minimum distractions allow students to completely focus on the training program.

I would highly encourage new students to either rent a motor home or camp at the Ranch – maximize your training experience!

  1. Dedicated (Qualified) Staff – I have led service organizations for 20+ years – and have very high standards for Customer Service. Mike, Heidi, Joe, Luis, Edwyn, these folks truly personify “world class customer service”.

Telephone calls (pre-sales) were promptly returned – my endless questions were patiently answered; every email and inquiry was answered to my satisfaction.

During the training process, Joe sensed my challenges and was calm and was very reassuring throughout.

I did solo on my 3rd day of training, and the 1st flight experience is one I’ll never forget, especially when you consider I flew straight up to 800’, then accidently killed the engine getting in my seat (common newbie mistake) – fortunately the BlackHawk 125 easily re-started, and I was allowed to continue the flight!

  1. Service After the Sale. This is critical. The BlackHawk Team has been awesome in providing post-sales service. I’ve worked with them on several different wings, had a minor (engine) service issue that Luis and Edwyn worked diligently to resolve and get me back in the air. The service team is reliable, available, and totally professional – simply could not ask for more!

Additionally, BlackHawk maintains a (continuously updated) “Tips and Tricks” video library online – this material is comprehensive and very useful in refreshing my training and maintaining my equipment.

  1. Product Performance. THE most critical aspect of our sport, “can I count on my gear”? The answer better be “YES”, your life depends on it!

I frequently fly with a small group (who fly larger, more costly non-BlackHawk gear) – and the running joke is “how many pulls will it take”? Everyone is amazed that my BlackHawk 125 tends to start on 1st or 2nd pull, time after time – while their engines take 6-8 pulls! Additionally, my BlackHawk 125 runs very cool – 335 degrees is common, while other engines exceed 400!

I have completed 61 flights, 18 of those being >20 mile over ocean cross-country – and not a single engine out!

Not once has my engine quit – in all that time – not a single blown launch (from equipment anyway) – this gear is ROCK SOLID!!!

One thing you’ll quickly discover when you take up this sport – is the constant attention and inquiries from bystanders – when you think about it, who among us hasn’t fantasized about personal flight – BlackHawk provides a solid, safe pathway from fantasy to reality.

I am often asked, “where do I begin”? My answer is “call Heidi Lee at BlackHawk, you won’t be sorry”!!!

Happy flying – see you in the air!

Joe Hall



Joe Hall

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