We’ve pulled together some of the emails and letters we’ve received over the years.
We will update this as we receive new ones.

Loving my BlackHawk 125 by the way!

Brian Hutchison
As you can imagine, there’s quite a difference between the Skycruiser and the Talon. Launching the Talon requires a hell of a lot less space. It’s like being strapped to the front of a bus – lots of thrust. I really don’t need this much thrust (I weigh 168lbs) but, I like having a motor that doesn’t have to work hard all the time like my MZ100 does. I flew for an hour last night. No wind at all – none, and I expected a difficult launch. But, this thing snatched my ass off the ground and I was gone. When it hits the power band, the thrust hammers you and I may have pissed myself just a little bit. So far, I think I like this thing. Later on, I might get a quad to attach it to. I’ve never flown a quad and would like to try it now that I have a paramotor with enough power. Well, thats my report on the Talon. Hope you’re getting some good air this year.

Jeff Osborne

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