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About Ross Kennedy With NC Powered Paragliding:

“Thank you for visiting my Training Center page. My name is Ross Kennedy and I’d like to personally welcome you to your next great adventure! You will have many questions along the way and I’m always here to help guide you. I’ve dedicated my time to sharing this life-changing sport with others.
Aviation has been a passion of mine that goes back to my earliest memories. Like many others, learning to fly was the realization of a life-long dream. The first time I soloed an aircraft was my Junior year in High School! This was over 22 years ago at the Hargrave Military Academy in 1983!

Continuing education as a Pilot has always been a priority for me. I have a degree in Aviation from Guilford Technical Community College, and have been teaching people to fly airplanes since 1989. I currently hold certificates as a Basic Ground Instructor (BGI), Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Instrument Instructor (CFII), Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI), and certified as an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP). With over 7,000 hours flight time in a wide variety of aircraft, over 3,000 hours Flight Instruction time, and hundreds of students successfully taught, you can expect the best training experience possible. Teaching has become a passion and a pleasure for me. Nothing is more rewarding than sharing in my student’s success and seeing that precocious smile on their face after their first solo flight.

The world of Aviation changed quite a bit after September 11th, and with the economy struggling, it’s getting harder for people to “afford” the experience of personal flight. With the costs of insurance, fuel, maintenance, annual inspections, hanger fees, and more, it was becoming harder to follow my dream. I started flying cargo in a Beech Baron or Cessna 402 – missing the fun & freedom of “the good old days” when I was teaching and flying full-time. I missed being able to fly where I wanted, when I wanted, with no specific destination. I spent much time looking at more affordable alternatives that would allow me to fly as much as I used to, without upsetting my Wife (chuckle)! This was around the time Powered Paragliding started to hit the scene! Fly for hours on $10 of gas? Yes please! Throw my personal flying machine in the back of my car or a suitcase? Goodbye hanger fees! That sounded good to me, so here we are!

I’m grateful to have the support of my lovely Wife Una, who also has a passion for aviation. She is retired Airborne and served as a Combat Medic for 14 years with the 1/130th Aviation Battalion NCANG. Additionally, Una was a Parachute Riger for 6 years with the 824th Quarter Master Air Delivery at Ft. Bragg. She holds a Private Pilot Certificate which she received in 1995. Both of us have EMT certification as well. Sharing this experience with friends, family, and especially my Wife has made the journey so much better.


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