PARAMOTOR INSURANCE For Powered Paragliding Pilots!



BlackHawk has always looked for ways to help make the sport safer and more accessible to all interested in personal flight. We are extremely excited to announce the availability of AFFORDABLE Powered Paragliding Pilot Insurance for anyone who’s a Pilot. This is huge, and we’ve had many people ask about this over the years. If you or your loved ones are concerned about the “what if’s,” we’d like you to know that there are options out there – should you ever have an accident. Being a non-licensed sport, it’s challenging to find things like financing (which we also offer) or Paramotor Pilot Insurance.

We are teaming up with Michael A. Kerr of Statewide Insurance Advisers to offer this coverage. Please note that BlackHawk is NOT the provider of this insurance, and we do not profit from it. We simply want Pilots and their families to be safe.


  • The ONLY policy in existence that covers all Powered Paraglider & Powered Parachute flights.”

  • Only $25-30/mo

  • Up to $350,000 in death benefits

  • Up to $1800/mo disability coverage in case of serious injury

  • No fees, clubs to join, or health screenings

  • Most cases can begin coverage within 24hrs.

This plan is “the ONLY A.D.D plan out there that will cover Powered flights for non “N” numbered Aircraft, as normal life insurance policies will say they cover it but don’t due to “hazardous activity.”

*Not available in all States. To learn more or to sign up, contact Michael A. Kerr (not BlackHawk) at (269) 623-4583. You can also email or visit

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