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Velocity Elektra Paraglider

Velocity Elektra Paraglider

This glider will truly expand a pilot’s horizons! If you are looking for your “Next” glider, the Elektra is your choice! We designed this glider to be the finest multi-purpose wing available today. Whether you free-fly or Paramotor, this glider will perform beyond your wildest expectations!

Velocity Nitro Paraglider

The Velocity Nitro is a one-of-a-kind Paraglider, on the forefront of Reflex Technology. XC & Competition Pilots find its speed, agility, and responsiveness second to none. This advanced glider is flown by top Team Pilots around the world. Once flown, the Velocity Nitro will be the only glider you want to fly!

Velocity Core Paraglider

*Velocity Core sizes are currently being certified   Velocity CORE Paraglider Pictures: CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE) All Velocity Paragliders now come with a NEW glider repair kit. This kit includes high-quality large-size patches of materials which match the color of the specific glider you ordered. In addition to the basic repair field kit […]

**Velocity Paragliders USA is a division of BlackHawk Paramotors USA Inc.