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If these flying machines cost the same as a dirt bike, would you rather have your feet on the ground or your head in the clouds? Would you rather stick to familiar roads, or venture to a place where roads don’t dictate the course of your adventures? There are endless ways to have fun. If you had the choice between a dirt bike, or your own personal aircraft, what would you choose?

Welcome to the Powered Paragliding experience – or what we call “the dirt bikes of the sky!” With a Powered Paraglider or “Paramotor,” there are no licenses required… No Insurance… And you can fit the entire aircraft into the trunk of your car. You can see or experience the world in a whole new way and access untouched places where no other vehicle can take you.

Many people spend their time and resources on ground-based recreational vehicles – instead of soaring above the clouds. Often, this is because they didn’t even know this type of non-licensed aviation exists. Over the last decade, these flying machines have become the fastest-growing form of personal flight and they are being shipped to all parts of the globe for people to enjoy. Every day, someone new looks up at the sky, sees a Paramotor for the first time, and the course of their lives are instantly changed.

Instead of going over a jump on a bike and “getting some air” for a few seconds, wouldn’t you rather leave the ground and stay up there for hours? Many Paramotors utilize 2-stroke engines, which are somewhat similar to those found in standard dirtbikes. These aviation-grade engines are designed to the highest-standards, with safety, reliability, and fuel efficiency as their top priorities. The average Paramotor gets about an hour of flight per gallon of gas, so with a standard tank, you could fly for hours before a quick re-fuel, and then returning back to the sky. Vast distances can be covered, making Paramotors the ultimate cross-country vehicle for exploration.


The next time you are looking to invest in something adventurous to do with your life, consider joining the thousands of people who have tasted pure freedom through this unique form of flight. BlackHawk Paramotors USA is your number one domestic manufacturer of these flying machines and we are here to help guide you through your next great adventure.

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