Mysterious Cross Country Paramotor Adventure & What BlackHawk Discovered!

THIS is Cross-Country!


In this video, Team Pilots took off from the BlackHawk Ranch in Valley Springs California – during our annual Fall Fly-In to go explore. This area has become a mecca for cross-country adventures and the ever-changing terrain is endless! Valley Springs happens to be where BlackHawk Paramotors are made, and where over 160 students this year “broke the bonds of earth!” After taking the usual route around beautiful Hogan Lake, the Team decided to head off into to hills and see what they could find. It wasn’t long before Pilots spotted an old abandoned ranch house in the middle of nowhere. After a tricky landing about 1/4 of a mile from the site, the Pilots walked in on foot to explore the area further – eventually arriving at the location. Amazingly enough, many of the windows and much of the structure was still intact. There were several sub-structures (like an old pump house) in addition to the main house. After checking out this “forgotten piece of California ranch history,” they flew back to the BlackHawk Ranch. This is yet another amazing BlackHawk adventure that won’t be forgotten.

Watch The Adventure:

You never know what mysteries and amazing places you might discover on a cross-country Paramotor flight! The possibilities are endless and “low & slow” exploration is largely what this sport is all about. Many Pilots load up their unit with camping gear, fishing poles, gold pans, or hunting equipment and head out to discover those “untouched” places in nature. With a Paramotor, you can access locations only dreamed of in the past. This is the next-generation of personal flight and unlimited exploration… Welcome to the world of Powered Paragliding!


If a no-license personal flying machine that fits into the trunk of your car sounds like something you are interested in, please give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Powered Paragliding or get you in contact with a BlackHawk Representative or Training Center near you. Thanks for watching and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss future adventures!

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