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  • BlackHawk Now Offers PARAMOTOR FINANCING!

    Financing BlackHawk Paramotor USA

    BlackHawk Paramotors is excited to offer financing on the purchase of Powered Paragliding equipment! This is an industry first and will allow many people the opportunity to fly much sooner than they anticipated. Standard credit checks and bank approval apply. For more information, please contact BlackHawk today! Heidi Lee – Director of Sales, CALL OR […]


  • Stuck in Another Country With a Paramotor?

    Last year, our Head Instructor Joe Cruz headed down to Panama to train a group of students. When this vehicle got stuck in the sand, it only made sense to put the Paramotor on the back of it and try to push it out right? Well, that didn’t work out quite as well as we […]


  • 6 Years of Countless Lives Changed…

    Our very own Team Pilot and Sales Director Heidi Lee is coming up on her 6th year with BlackHawk Paramotors USA! We found a couple of pictures from around the time when Heidi first started exploring the sport. One is from a Fly In event in Florida, and the other from her first flights at […]


  • The Lost Coast of California… FOUND!

    If you’ve never visited the Lost Coast of California, you are in for some of the most “unbelievably phenomenal rugged beauty the Country has to offer!” This area is a little too rugged for paved roads, making it the perfect area to explore with a BlackHawk Paramotor. When the Pacific Coast Highway System was being […]


  • Rise & Shine… It’s Time to Fly PPG!

    Paramotor Training is where the whole adventure begins. Our students put in some serious hours each day to ensure they maximize their time with our Instructors. This isn’t just “a few hours a day.” This is a complete and comprehensive Training Program where every hour counts. We want to make sure that when a student […]


  • 10 Ways to FLY BEFORE YOU BUY a Paramotor With BlackHawk!

    We understand that getting into the sport is a BIG investment for most people. We’ve seen quite a few posts on Social Media lately from people expressing their frustration with being “required to invest thousands into something they haven’t even tried yet.” Purchasing an entire Paramotor Package before getting the chance to explore the sport […]


  • Make Paraglider Kiting Fun… AGAIN!

    Remember how exciting it was to kite your Glider for the first time? We’ve all had that “ah-ha! moment” when the glider finally starts doing exactly what we want it to! There’s also nothing like opening up a brand new glider and kiting it for the first time. The next time the winds aren’t optimal, […]



    We are offering $500 off on ANY Paramotor Package Deal Plus FREE Gauges (Tachometer & Temp). That’s a total of $620 savings! This special will run from Thursday, November 23rd through Saturday November 25th, 2017! For details or to order, (text or call) Sales Director Heidi Lee directly at: (209) 418-5990! Happy Holidays from BlackHawk […]


  • BlackHawk Dealer Highlight: Shawn & Tiffany Elder!

    Hey everyone, my name is Shawn and here is a little bit about me. I have a beautiful wife Tiffany and we have a 10 year old daughter Haley Mae. We love being outdoors and hanging out with family and friends. We currently live in Keokuk, Ia and will be moving to Durant, Ok in […]


  • The ALL NEW Velocity Core Paraglider is HERE!

    MEET THE CORE: Velocity Paragliders USA is excited to officially announce the NEW 2017 Core Paraglider! After many months of testing and feedback from Pilots across the nation, production of this new beginner / intermediate glider will start very soon! You can pre-order yours now to get ahead of the line! THE “CORE” PURPOSE: Velocity […]