BlackHawk & Velocity Announce NEW Tandem Paraglider Design!

Newly Designed Tandem Glider:

BlackHawk Paramotors & Velocity Paragliders are proud to announce the BRAND NEW 42m Velocity Edge Tandem Paraglider! Not only does the Glider come in a new color (the vibrant purple you see in the video)… We have made some performance-enhancing modifications & additions to the glider as well!

Did you know that it takes approximately 94 hours to make ONE Velocity Edge Tandem Paraglider?! They are not mass produced on an assembly line. This Paragliders are hand-stitched by experts and great concern goes into every aspect of quality control. Velocity Tandem Paragliders are trusted by Pilots all over the world to safely take friends and family on enjoyable adventures. Tandem gliders must be build to withstand the high demands and loading put on them by Pilots. Businesses that regularly take passengers for leisure flights must have the most reliable equipment available to avoid down time and safety issues.

SO WHAT’S NEW? The NEW Tandem 42 comes with Leading-Edge Battens made from DELRIN… Also known as “acetal”, Delrin is an engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability. With a newly engineered riser system and the very latest materials, this glider inflates easier & faster than all previous Tandem Paragliders. We’ve also adjusted the pressure required for brake input to a “medium-light pressure,” unlike most Tandem Paragliders which are known for a “stiff, heavy-pressure response.” Test flights of the new design revealed that we were achieving 900 less RPM on average at straight-&-level flight! That’s a huge improvement and means much less strain on the motor.

IT GETS BETTER! There are actually (2) different models of Tandem Velocity Edge Paragliders now! We have designed a Quad or Trike-specific version of the Glider, as well as an ultra lightweight version for Tandem Free-Flight Pilots! The Paramotor version of the Tandem Edge was designed to handle the demands and loading of motored flight. The lighter Free-Flight version has thinner “racing lines,” thinner risers, and a lighter material on the underside of the glider. Many Free-Flight Pilots are venturing into Powered Paragliding due to being able to fly anywhere instead of a ridge site. Now, BlackHawk & Velocity are providing the very best of both worlds – part of our ongoing commitment to making the sport accessible to all!

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